Harnessing the Power of Electronic media for the Print media

1 Rollers for offset printing
2 Dampening in offset printing
3 Ink measurement in offset printing
4 Processing of offset printing plates
5 Prevention of corrosion in offset printing machines
6 ISO 9000 & Quality Management
7 Wrong pH - troubles in offset printing
8 Difficulties encountered in offset printing
9 Print finishing Through Varnishing...
10 Estimating
11 Weakening of Plates
12 The Best Monitor for You
13 How to sit in-front of Your PC.
14 How To Buy Paper
15 Electronics -A glossary of terms.
16 Printing Milestones (Global) 
17 Printing Milestones (India) 
18 Maintenance of Rubber rollers
19 Offset Ink- Problems & Solutions
20 Print finishing-Perfect Binding  
21 Resistance Test for Inks
22 Standardization system for offset Printing
23 Curling of paper and board 
24 Real Management  
25 Time Management 
26 Newspaper History
27 Supervisor's Role in Industry
28 Tips on Adhesives
29 Tips on storing Rollers
30 ISO Certification
31 Custom Duty  
32 Tips on Bearings
33 Preventive Maintenance

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