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If the location of the earliest printing presses in India were plotted on the map, it will be found that they all bug the coast line of the Peninsula, Goa, Cochin, Pudikoil, Vypicottah and Ambadalakkad, these places along the west coast represent the sources of the Indian   “Incunabulae”.  Tranquebor, Madras, Fort William, Calcutta and Serampore, along the East Coast represent the shaping period of Indian printing.  Bombay contributes its share towards the closing years of the second phase of the vigorous growth of early Indian printing.  Malayalam and Tamil are close contenders for the honour of being the first Indian Language to exploit movable type.  These were the findings of Mr. B.S.Kesavan, a noted figure in Library Education and documentation.

Below we give some historical dates as found out by Mr. R.Narayanan, the noted Printing Consultant.

1579 Printing at Cochin
1712 The Tranquebor press
1751  Tranquebor printing & Publishing House, Madras
1761 Vepery SPCK Press
1795 Serampore Missionaries
1809 Punjabi Press, Ludhiana
1817 American Mission Press, Bombay
1820 Native School and School Book Committee, Bombay
1820 Bihar Lithography, Patna
1822  Printing of ‘Pamcopa Khyana’ in Marathi at Courier Press, Bombay
1825-26 Printing in Gujarathi, Hindustani and Parsi
1829  Fr. Benjamin Bailey’s first printing press at Kottayam
1830 Captain George Jervis Lithographic Press at Poona
1830 Greenway family press at Kanpur ( Lithographic Hindi Work)
1830 Lithography Press, Madras Presidency
1831 Fort. St. George Press and College, Madras
1799-1833  Sarafoji Maharaja Press in Tanjore
1838 Gurumukhi Grammer printed at Punjabi Press
1841 Bahu Mahajan Litho Press to print “Prabhakar” a Marathi weekly
1843 ‘Upadesha Chandrika” monthly, edited by Pandit Movabhat Dandekar, printed at  Mahajan press
1844-48  The Delhi Oordoo Ukbar, Delhi1844-48                    
1849 Benaras Ukbar Press, Benaras- Benaras Ukbar printed in Nagari script
1850 “Dhumaketu” Weekly at Mahajan Press
1851 English-Punjabi Dictionary printed at Punjabi Press
1861 Times of India press, Bombay
1866 First Oriya weekly at Cuttack Printing Company
1872  Karnataka State Presses
1877  Sivakasi as Commercial Center of Calendar Art
1890  Raja Ravi Varma established a big litho press at Malodi, near Lonovala
1907 Usmani Press, Madras (Urdu)
1919 Shahi Press, Madras (Urdu)
1924 First Printing Certificate Course, Madras
1925  Lutheran Printing Press, Vaniyambadi
1929  Majeedia Press, Madras (Urdu)
1938 First Diploma Course Printing at Madras
1983  First Degree Course in Printing at Madras

Now we are making further strides.  With economy open globally, the printers have much more to perform


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