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350 years of the Daily Newspaper

July 1st, 1650 saw the birth of world’s first daily newspaper Einkommende Zeitungen. Although Timotheus Ritzsch first started it as a weekly seven yearly earlier in 1643 by the name of Woechentliche Zeitung it appeared only four times a week.

The daily was published in A5 size and comprised of four pages with a print run of 200 copies for subscribers in Leipzig and some abroad including the Swedish royal family. Originals of the first edition can be seen archived in the Royal Library of Stockholm whereas the Leipzig City Archive holds a copy dated 1659.

Power of Newspapers

The first printed newspaper was published in Strasbourg in 1605 before which date newspapers were written by hand, duplicated and appeared once a week, intended only for the elite such as political rulers. The advent of printing made it possible for pblicising political activity by means of the ‘printed newspaper’ to the masses. Suddenly a large number of people could gain information about current affairs – precondition for contemporary democracy to function. The ruling classes were slow to realise the explosive capacity and opinion forming power of the mass circulated newspaper.

The process that began 350 years ago is now an integral part of our daily life.

(source DPA)


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