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Why do unbaked plates get weak by Technova Premium Blanket wash  cond #  if left un attended for some time & no gumming of plate is done ? 
-Alok Chitransi


Usage of Wash on the plate is not recommend as the washes attack the image areas and make them non receptive of the printing ink. We call this as plate binding. The blanket wash is having certain solvents, which react with the plate image areas. To solve this problem I recommend that after the usage of blanket wash pls. wet-wash the blanket cylinder with a swab of sponge wet with water. This will completely remove the wash and so avoid plate cancellation.

  Please use plate care products The ideal product to clean  un-baked plate is Nova Plate cleaner GP. This is available with any of our retail outlets.

For more  information on plate cleaner GP please visit our site http://www.technovaworld.com
   If you please let us know your address and contact telephone our field technical people will be more than happy to meet you and help you to optimize the plate performance.

Prafulla Sathe - Corporate technical support Manager (Technova Imaging Systems)




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