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Why are industries conferred with ISO titles?
What is the difference between ISO 9000, 9001 and 14001?

Industries are given ISO 9001, 9002 or 9003 certification if they comply with the certification audits. This generates confidence among customers that the industry does follow quality management systems as laid down by the ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation). ISO 9000 is a series of standards: 9001 for quality assurance in design, development production installation and servicing, 9002 for production, installation and servicing and 9003 for final product inspection and testing.

ISO 14001 deals in environmental management systems.


Can a holographic sticker be copied?

A hologram is a three-dimensional image formed on a single film or plate by the interference of light beams from a coherent light source. When a laser, or even an ordinary light, falls on the pattern, the reflected light constructs a three-dimensional image. Sometimes, more than one image is formed on the same film. It is not possible to copy the image so easily unless one gets the source or the original images, which constitute the final image.

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