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Low back pain is the most common problem in todayís industrialized society. When compensation for time off-work, long-term disability and medical and legal expenses are considered, it is the most costly of all medical problems because the cause of low back pain are so often to identify. The treatment of this disabling condition does not always have a rational basis.






Simple muscle and ligament sprain

Most common cause is due to higher concentration of work over high-speed machines. Muscles around the spiral column get fatigued due to remaining in a particular posture for a long time. The fatigued soft tissue structure finally start paining due to sprain.

Intervertebral disc prolapse

Disc degeneration appears to occur in nearly everyone as part of an aging process. However, this degeneration does not inevitably cause back pain. The disc prolapse develops at a location that is at the most significant stress position during bending and rotation of the back. The action of forward bending combined with a side twist is the most common cause of Disc Prolapse.

Facet Joints

Facet joints are probably the primary sites of pain in 10% to 15% of workers with chronic back pain because these joints are heavily innervated with pain receptors.

Spinal canal narrowing

The tunnel inside the vertebral body is called Canal. Back pain due to canal narrowing is most common in workers in there 60ís and 70ís

Psychosocial factors

Back pain is complex, perceptual phenomenon comprise of psycho-social factors. Chronic back pain frequently leads to a depression pain syndrome.


  • Simple back discomfort.

  • Localized back pain.

  • Back pain with radiation in lower limb ("SCIATICA").

  • Feeling of cramps in both lower limb while walking ("NEUROLOGICAL CLAUDICATION").



    X-RAY, L-S Spine AP, LAT.  M R I of Lumber Spine.



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