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Often questions  are asked how,  one can avoid maintenance and repair work. And the question is very often put: how to train an all-round specialist for repair work in a printing house.  In our opinion, this is impractical The various types of machines have become so sophisticated that their maintenance and repair  require a high degree of specialist knowledge and years of experience.  In general, it is thus not advisable to attempt all repairs on your own. Experience has shown that inappropriate and cruse repairs will just increase that damage.  Repair jobs should always be carried out by qualified personnel. To avoid repair or breakdown, we recommend the following procedures be followed. 

1.  Machines should only be operated by qualified workers

2.  Observe the maintenance schedules of the machine manufacturer, Keep to the recommended  intervals for lubrication and maintenance.

3   If at all possible, only use those materials (lubricants, greases, etc.) recommended by the manufacturer.

4   Machinery and equipment should only be employed for their intended applications

5   Report all malfunctions or faults immediately.

6   Free machinery and equipment at regular intervals from dust, water, grease residues, etc.  Only use suitable cleaners.

7   Only connect machinery and equipment to electrical power supplies appropriate to them.  The identification plate contains all required details as to voltage, current (AC or three-phase current).

8.  In the event of any electrical breakdown, always contact an electrician.  Major breakdowns can only be eliminated by calling on the services of a qualified service engineer.

9.  Where gross fluctuations in current or voltage occur, consult your maintenance specialist.

10  Tell your staff how valuable the machines are and remind them of their responsibility and your confidence in them.

11  Keep your operating staff informed on all instructions from the manufacturer.  pass the regular information delivered by the manufacturer on to your staff, too.

12  Set up long-term maintenance plans, where possible, in cooperation with your local or nearest service agent.

13  Worn parts should be replaced in good time.

The machinery and equipment offered on the market nowadays require little maintenance. Therefore, we are sure that machines can be operated extremely economically over long periods if used appropriately.  As mentioned above- instruct your staff to handle and operate the machines 
with care and consideration, and in the proper manner.  Prevention is better than breakdown. 

Should repair work be required, though, your nearest service agent will do his very best to assist you as rapidly as possible.


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