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Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Nokia are developing mobile e-services, including one that would allow a mobile phone user to print a document from the Web. Using concepts based on industry standards such as IR, vCard or Bluetooth, the mobile phones would send a URL to a Web-enabled printer. Nokia 9110 and 9110i Communicator phones currently have the capability to beam a URL using today's vCard and IR technology. HP printers supporting these evolving standards will be available next year.



The Graphic Arts Technical Foundation's (GATF) (Sewickley, PA) GATFPress introduces "Publishing Timeline 2000: A Chronology of Publishing & Graphic Arts Events," by Richard Sasso. Covering a time span from prehistory to the year 2000, the book lists more than 2,600 events and is packaged with a searchable CD-ROM version of the text. More than 350 full-color photographs and illustrations are included in the chronology. The book is available as a hardcover edition for $100 ($80 for GATF/Printing Industries of America (PIA) members), or as a softcover edition for $80 ($65 for GATF/PIA members).


E-books to Grow Slowly Forrester Research, a Cambridge, Mass.-based Internet research firm released a new report, with the following projections:

Slow growth is expected for both e-books and e-book reader devices.

Strong sales for custom-printed trade books and digitized textbooks.

In five years, 17.5% of publishing industry revenues ($7.8 billion) will come from the digital delivery of custom-printed books, textbooks, and e-books. Of this amount, only $251 million will come from e-books for e-book devices.

As a result of the Web’s distribution advantages, publishers will create a new publishing model that Forrester calls "multi-channel publishing," requiring publishers to manage all of their content from a single, comprehensive repository containing modular book content and structure.

"Publishers are expecting trade e-book sales that won't materialize—the drawbacks of reading on screen will discourage all but the most motivated readers," says Forrester senior analyst Daniel P. O'Brien. "But publishers can't go back to business as usual. The Web's distribution advantages demand they shift to far more flexible digital production."


TrendWatch Takes a Look at Crossing Media

Cross Media a Jolt of Caffeine for Asset Management? According to a recent TrendWatch survey, just 11% of creative professionals plan to invest in digital asset management (DAM); even fewer consider it to be a business challenge, an indication that it's scarcely even on their radar. Even for shops that say they are already involved in cross media, just 25% plan to buy DAM software in the next 12 months.

Why Should You Care?

While the term "cross media" may not resonate yet among industry professionals, they are crossing media in various forms--almost daily. Now is the time to build your (or your customers') media workflow for adapting and reusing digital files for print, the Web, PDAs, Palm Pilots, video, TV, cell phones, and Internet appliances. These markets will soon be ready for out-of-the-box cross-media solutions that mid-size and smaller shops can profitably use.


R.R. Donnelley Launches DAM Service

The Premedia Technologies unit of R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company, Chicago, launched AdSpring™, a digital asset management system geared specifically to magazine publishers for tracking and managing ad pages. With AdSpring, magazine design and production staffs can locate current and archived advertising via their web browser for quick placement or pickup.

Publishers access AdSpring using either a PC or Mac and standard Internet browsers, such as Netscape Navigator® and Microsoft Internet Explorer®. AdSpring is an integral part of R.R. Donnelley Premedia's broader advertising management solution that ensures color-accurate, consistent messaging for the advertiser, and quick, efficient turnaround for the publisher.

"Publishers are receiving ever-increasing numbers of digital advertising pages. To manage those digital ad files, as well as access information about those pages, they need a robust, cost-effective digital asset management solution," says Mary Lee Schneider, president of Donnelley's Premedia Technologies. " Through AdSpring, publishers can find ads and supporting information, target them for particular magazines or issues, and distribute them over high speed connections to their printers via the Web, 24/7."

An early adopter of AdSpring, World Publications--which manages about 12,000 ads annually--sees additional benefits of the Internet-based solution. "The required staffing, storage, and retrieval systems of an in-house solution can tie up capital," notes Lisa Earlywine, director of production operations for World Publications. "Premedia's investment in the infrastructure and administration of AdSpring gives World the expertise without major capital expense for new systems, software, and technical resources."

Graphic Arts Monthly- November 6, 2000


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