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Harnessing the Power of Electronic media for the Print media

Day1 Morning Session 

BMPA’s Printvision 2000 opened with great fanfair at 10:00 hrs at the Hall of Harmony While the exhibitors were giving final touch to their stalls in the adjoining exhibition center at Nehru Center, Worli, Mumbai. Mr. Kumar Ketkar the Chief Guest in his address attributed the advent of democracy to the invention of print. He remarked that in its turn democracy gave birth to bureaucracy. In a typical observation of the Indian psyche he mentioned, “We in INDIA want to keep our bullock carts and want to fly concords”. Mr. Ketkar reiterated his belief that Printvision over the past three years has been contributing to the expansion of global Civilization and making the global village a better place to live in.  

Print veteran Mr. I. M. Doctor then honoured Mr. Ketkar on behalf of BMPA. Mr. Ketkar lighted the traditional oil lamp and the exhibition was thrown open by cutting the ceremonial ribbon.


Business opportunities of the electronic world – R. S. Duggal 

Attendance at this seminar went on increasing as the day progressed as word spread about the fabulous insight, which the expert was giving on the electronic world of business opportunities. He touched the topics related to the usage of interest in the graphic art world, with its simplest manifestation seen in a hypothetical screen printer, creating sample templates on the internet for his clients in Chennai who enter the appropriate fields in a form for the name, address for the printer to create the digital art work and transmitted back to Chennai for print production and delivery. Other topics covered by him included colour management, CIP3 to CIP4, Flatbed Scanners to Imagesetters etc.

Mr. Duggal also spoke extensively on digital workflow, on the change in the paradigm of business. Its time one understands and adopts digital workflow. Server farms such as that of VIO are examples where print jobs this workflow paradigm has been put on Internet and managed by experts in the field. According to Mr. Duggal the technology is available but what is needed is the mind set as technologies are not difficult, but on the contrary, they make life  easier.


Day1 Evening Session 

BMPA’s Print Awards 2000 Ceremony.

After the exhibition closed for the day at 19:00 hrs, all the exhibitors and BMPA members gathered once again at the hall of harmony where the awards ceremony  began with a Multimedia presentation directed by Sunju Hinge on the history and foundation of BMPA right from 1947. the message was effectively conveyed through the theme of DOT, which ended with a photograph of a dancing girl holding a poster in her hands. As the lights slowly came on the same girl turned into life on center stage breaking into a dance but sans the poster – due to a technical snag as announced by the witty show host.

            The welcome address by S.R. Sharma stresses the objectives of instituting the awards in print excellence the gist of which was to make the government realized the potential growth of this industry. Chief Guest Mr. Alyque Padamsee the noted adman and theatre personality and creator of the Liril girl and Surfs Lalitaji had the audience enthralled by his inimitable style of spontaneous humour. Commenting on the role of BMPA he wondered if it could be a developer of human resources for  the industry on the lines of  IT industry in Andhra Pradesh. He noted that one hand is ready in form of  available technology and that now the other hand in terms of  human resources has to be developed to make a clap on which he received a round of applause.

            The excellence in printing awards in different categories was awarded at the hands of Mr. Padamsee, which was followed, by cocktails and dinner at the JADE GARDENS.


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