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Docucolor 2000 Series- Technology Defined by Innovation

Launched at Drupa 2000, the state of art digital technology that produces upto 60 pages of full colour documents per minute. The system is equipped with High capacity feeder, digital scanner, several RIP options, TRACS/ I-TRACS
, printing unit, high capacity stacker and stapler. 

A.        RIPís -Xerox has teamed up with leaders in Colour Technology industry to offer several RIPís Options, depending on requirement. It offers power, speed, flexibility and colour management tools you need to satisfy your most demanding customers.

B.        High Capacity Feeder with the capacity of 2500 sheets and capable of handling 64 to 220 gsm stock sized from 182mm x 257mm to 320mm x 487mm. Auto duplexing upto 220 gsm paper.

C.      Integrated Scanner capable of capturing 300 full colour A4/A3 size documents. Automatic duplex document capture of 40ppm. New jobs can be scanned and programmed while previous job is printing.

D.      TRACS/ I-TRACS : Itís an intricate arrangement of sensors and software, which constantly monitors every aspect of the system and makes quality adjustments on the run. With mere touch of button, I-TRACS automatically prints a test page and inspects the image as it exists in the machine. Automatic calibration of this digital press-even the final fusing step is unique feature of this system. This ensures consistent and Reliable job from start to finish

E.      Trickle Charge Development: There are four printing stations. Each station houses an extra-large cartridge    that holds mix of dry ink and developer. It ensures 1.00 lakhs impressions ensuring high quality images.

F.   Digital Blanket

G.     Beltnip Fuser with LOFT: Xeroxí patented blanket and Beltnip Fuser ensures complete fix of image to paper. LOFT (Low Oil Fusing Technology) enhances image quality with precise oil metering generating consistent image quality.

H.     Registration: Docucolour 2000 address registration by centering image on the paper rather than adjusting and aligning to sheet edges which is common to previous generation printers. Two timing registration sensors also regulate speed of paper for more accurate and consistent image-to-blanket and image-to-page registration

I.      Decurling Device :produces uniform flat output.

J.      High Capacity Stacker has capacity to stack 3500 sheets and has 500 sheets on Top Tray. You have two rollaway carts with unload while run functionality

K.   High Capacity Stacker/ Stapler

Resolution:  600 x 600 dpi (8-bit depth)/ Line screen-200, 300, 200 (Rotated), 200 (Cluster dot), 150 (Cluster dot).

Productivity:  45ppm- A4 of 64-90 gsm, 60ppm -A4 of 81-135gsm, 30ppm-A4 of 136-200 gsm,  22.5ppm-A4 of 21-280gsm and transparencies 

Document capture: upto300 pages with 25% to 400% enlargement and reduction, margin shift and book copy, Image control.

For further details get in touch with:

Samir Tamhane
Xerox Modi Corp. Ltd.
254-D-2,Nyloc House, Dr. A.B. Road,
Worli. Mumbai Ė 400 025
Tel: +91 022 4940936 Fax: +91 0224938729
Email- samir.tamhane@ind.xerox.com


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